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List of abstracts and submitting authors

Invited Talks

Prof. Jeff Connor Ohio UniversityMatrix Maps between Statistical Spaces Abstract
Prof. Ljubisa D.R. Kocinac University of NisSome Classes of Divergent Sequences Abstract
Prof. Ziyatkhan Aliyev Baku State University Some problems of the theory of bifurcations of non-linear problems of fourth order Abstract
Prof. Reza Saadati Iran University of Sci.& Tech.Cancelled
Prof. Ghoicel Groza Tech. Uni. of Civil Engineering BucharestApplications of Newton interpolating series in archimedean and non-archimedean analysis Abstract
Prof. Werner Varnhorn Kassel UniversityThe Navier-Stokes equations-New trends on weak and strong solutions Abstract
Prof. Fahreddin Abdullayev Mersin UniversityUniform and Pointwise Inequalities for Algebraic Polynomials on a Regions in the Complex Plane Abstract
Prof. Mujahid Abbas University of PretoriaSoft Contraction Theorem Abstract
Prof. Anatoliy M. Samoilenko Inst. of Mat. of NAS of UkraineCancelled