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Conference Venue: La Blanche Resort & Spa, Turgutreis-Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey

Abstracts and presentations must be written in English.

Electronic Submission of abstracts is mandatory.
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The town is named after the famous admiral, Turgut Reis. He was born here in the early 16th century. Turgut Reis raised from humble origins to command the Ottoman navy, conquered Corsica and returned to Istanbul with a great number of prisoners. In 1595, during an attempt to take Malta, he was killed. Near Turgutreis Town there is a statue of him. Because of its suitable winds, Turgutreis coast is favoured by professional wind surfers. Because of it market day on Saturdays, it also attracts many people. This volcanic area is interesting and offers possibilities for walking and trekking tours. Visitors enjoy the volcanic landscape which is very dramatic and impressive. The 14 small islands, located nearby Turgutreis, are used by farmers as additional pasture land for their animals and by the local fishermen for fishing. These islands and beautiful coastline offers great possibilities for boat, diving and sailing tours. Turgutreis is a departure point for many buses travelling through all around Turkey. Daily boat trips can be taken from Turgut Reis departing to Gumusluk, Karaincir, Akyarlar and Yalikavak. www.bodrum.org

Foreign Languages

English, German, Russian and French are widely spoken foreign languages in Bodrum.


The monetary unit is the Turkish lira (TRY), which comes in bank notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200. In Istanbul, traveler checks are rarely accepted. ATMs can be found in even the smallest Turkish towns. Most international credit cards or bank cards are accepted (a strip of logos is usually displayed above the ATM). ATMs have a language key to enable you to read the instructions in English.


The electrical current in Turkey is 220 volts, 50 cycles alternating current (AC); wall outlets take Continental-type plugs, with two round prongs.

Weight & Measures

Turkey uses the metric system for weight and measures.

Driving License

Most international driver's licenses are recognized in Turkey. Car rental companies require for a valid national or international license. Remember to keep to the right-hand side of the road and wear your seat belt at all times.


The value-added tax, here called KDV is almost always included in quoted prices. Certain shops are authorized to refund the tax (ask).

Health Services

There is no serious health risks associated with travel to Bodrum and to Turkey. No vaccinations are required for your travels to Turkey.

Safety & Security

Turkey is a safe and secure country. The streets of Bodrum are considerably safer than many of its counterparts in the world.